dream world

love seat 2006-2010
a 220 slide ppt presentation

not that this love seat doesn’t deserve a project, but ??????????

love seat 2006-2010

a 220 slide ppt presentation

not that this love seat doesn’t deserve a project, but ??????????

bed is help

drinks with straws are help

compiling a list of things that help is help

remembering you are a body is not help

help help help

i think my blood is sludge

there’s a lot of weird stuff in my drafts

#drafts #from when / for what

#drafts #from when / for what


compacts for 27
continue to be an embodiment of chaotic goodness
continue to be
stop placing value on people’s ideas about what i am / can not be
lead with trust in my own instinct and intelligence
produce objectively 
consume subjectively 
forgive you for what you don’t understand
forgive me for what is not understood
fidelity to self no matter the platform
fidelity to self no matter the reception

i am doing some respectable work at this being 27 thing i think

Archers Of Loaf - Hate Paste
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Archers Of Loaf
Hate Paste
Icky Mettle, 1993

you say you don’t like it but you just don’t get it is / was an important back-pocket thing for me

Archers of Loaf - You and Me
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"You and Me" by Archers of Loaf

icky mettle is a near perfect thing.  i prob put in the most time with “hate paste” and “learo you’re a hole” (bc it filled such a good spot on my “songs i didn’t have feelings about before you put your hands on me / gonna make it through this year / gonna pull off this bandaid” playlist) (which all started with that little boots’ earthquake song, of all things haha) but i probably like this song the most.  mid-90s rock songs that creep up on you (see also that vitreous humor song: my midget) (i used to hate long intros, but people grow up guys, you can change the way you feel)

also maybe i actually like this song for what a perfect lead in it is to the best part of that album, which feels like cheating, which feels a bit like liking the palate cleanser between dinner courses the best, but that also sounds like a thing i would do, so.

fruit flies have invaded my entire life and a little bit after these photos i found 3 dead fruit flies in the bottom of my wine glass.  luckily i was too drunk to care or cry even.  but, when i am not drunk, i am at war!!!!! fruit flies!!!!!!!!!  the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!  crying about it!!!!  constant verge of fruit fly tears.


For your listening and downloading pleasure and also ~*~just for fun~*~ we recorded this cover to share with y’all. You can now download this, as well as our Tape off our bandcamp for a few bucks. If you want to download it for free or pick up an actual tape, you can still find it over at Puzzle Pieces (http://puzzlepiecesrecords.bigcartel.com/).

this is a perfect thingggggg!

in which barry johnson opens with “destroy” by this song “at the end of clueless”, coheed and cambria and finishes (me) with big star and naming PUNK ROCK GIRL as the “best guitar solo” “of all time”

i am not sure what to say except that i was put here on earth to appreciate this exactly and it is so important to me to “know what you like, know it v. intimately, put your finger on - lemme know what second of that song means what” and i am again convinced (conveniently at an exact right moment) that i can: unwaiver in fidelity to my gen. aesthetic belief system and still genuinely squeal at a thing.

this list has cemented joyce manors place in my (def > 10, still unsettled from when pete asked me about it 3 years ago) top 10 bands of all time list.

this is such an exemplary use of platform.

The Movielife - Pinky Swear
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after all these years

Phantogram - Fall In Love
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Top 10 Blink-182 Songs That Aren’t The Hits



Ah yes, Blink-182, the favorite band of every cousin who likes wearing their hat backwards. For many they are an introduction to punk and pop punk music, and for some, even a life saver. A world recognized band at this point, their discography can take hours to sift through. The radio only acknowledges the hits, but Funeral Sounds Investigative brings you a different side of Blink-182. The underappreciated side of Blink-182. Because everyone wants to talk about not being liked at 23 as opposed to the actual truth. Blink-182 was a lot of kids’ first drone band.

Don’t believe me? Read Funeral Sounds Investigative sly reporting, now, in real time.

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every time i look for you is one of my favorite blink 182 songs.  i will never get over that song.  every time i look for you was my american pie soundtrack feelings gate way.